Warriors in a Spiritual War don't Fight

Warriors in a Spiritual War don't Fight

Within the past three weeks, I have worked with dozens of clients in my intuitive astrology practice who expressed similar sensations. Tightness in the upper back behind the heart and unexplainable anxiety. At times, individual stories can reflect a microcosm of what we are experiencing as a macrocosm or whole. So, I began to see links between their experiences and what’s happening in the world right now. My conclusion? We’re in a spiritual crisis, but there’s hope.

Conflicting collective thought forms (like beliefs, rules, and cultural norms, for example) are simultaneously tugging us back toward the past and pushing us forward into a more progressive paradigm. As the old thought forms die, new ones come to life.

We have been spiritually evolving and fast, and we are experiencing a cultural renaissance in many ways. For example, we have more access to personal development resources of all kinds, like online courses, books, workshops, and podcasts. As we deepen our understanding of human consciousness, expand our awareness about our power to manifest change, and consciously link our mind/body connections, we better understand our creative potential. Our power.

As a result of this evolution, the collective beliefs, ideas, and ways of being that have served as our culture’s guiding principles no longer resonate. We are witnessing the beginning of the end of white supremacist patriarchy, and most of our collective thought forms were rooted in that paradigm. However, the ground for new societal constructs has not yet been solidified. Therefore, we are finding root systems in our individual truth and in like-minded communities. As we transition from one paradigm into another, we have an opportunity (and a great need) for some collective healing.