Full Moon in Aquarius


So, tomorrow we have a Full Moon, right? It happens once a month- or twice in the case of a blue moon- and each month, your astrologers or spiritual bloggers write up descriptions about it and rituals you can do for it. But really, what does it mean for you? And specifically, what’s the big deal about this Aquarius/Leo Full Moon? Today, I will answer those questions for you and show you how you can make the most of this time in our lunation cycle to move closer to realizing and living your life purpose.

Think of a constellation in the night sky- one you are particularly drawn to. Let’s just take the constellation Leo for an example. Leo, itself has a story in its symbolic representation of the lion. Plus, it is made up of these stars, and each of these stars has a name and a story. Regulus is one of the stars in Leo’s constellation. It is one of the brightest stars we can see from earth and is actually a multiple star system. And because of that, it is named after the Latin word for “prince” or Little King.

Now, you look at this picture and see that if any one of these stars were to disappear, the entire picture would change.

Think about your life for a moment. You are you- a shining star. born into a family, a constellation, in a community, a solar system, in a country in the world, a galaxy.

You are uniquely you: Autonomous

And intricately connected: Intersubjective.

The influences of your family, community, city, country, and historical time period, shape who you are and enfold into the self that craves expression. Sometimes it can be difficult to know where you begin and the constellations in which you belong end.

We are all connected by invisible waves and particles of energy that link us together in one big spiritual superhighway network, and we feel our connections deeply whether or not we have conscious awareness. Sometimes, you might think of your friend moments before he or she calls. Or get a gut feeling about whether or not someone is trustworthy. These are ways you know you’re plugged in.

You were born exactly where you were at a specific time in history. And your purpose is to live your purpose to the best and fullest you can. To shine your light as brightly as you can. You were born with a specific life path, and you know when you’re aligned to it because you feel energized, alive; and even if you face challenges, you have an underlying sense of fulfillment, satisfaction. When you veer off from your path, you experience a deep spiritual suffering, a depression, that feels like grief or loss. It’s your potential that you’re grieving in those moments- potential you might be too afraid to live into.

You see, these constellations don’t always want a Regulus outshining them, right? But Regulus gives Leo a little power, a little added punch. And it makes all of the other stars in the constellation seem a little brighter, slightly more noticeable in the night sky.

The Sun is in Leo right now and for a few more days.

A Full Moon is the exact moment when the Moon opposes the Sun, They are 180 degrees apart from one another. The sign 180 degrees from Leo is Aquarius.

Leo emphasizes individual expression, stepping up onto the spotlight as the star, creativity, playfulness, passion, fierce loyalty, and courage.

Aquarius focuses on communities, constellations, contributions to the world through innovation and ideas, collaborative efforts, service for the good of all, and open-mindedness. It is the sign of the humanitarian and one who works tirelessly, sometimes behind the scenes, for a cause.

We are the earth, and the earth is always 180 degrees away from the Sun, so whenever there is a Full Moon, we are essentially looking at this polarity, this contrast, from our view on earth, more so siding with whatever sign the Moon is in than the Sun. We are balanced in the polarity, as the sun’s light shines on us both day and night.

This gives us aha moments and clarity. About what? About what we need to release and let go to really shine our light in the world.

A full moon is always a time of heightened emotions, the gravitational pull on our body is heightened, and we feel more deeply. It is also a time when we have new insights about circumstances in our lives. This is why people get more emotional and stress stirs up. Because we are not wired to like to go into change. But change is always happening in our lives, and the Full Moon illuminates for us what keeps us from moving forward in our lives.

This happens every Full Moon. It’s like we, the earth, hug the moon, which is also symbolic of the divine feminine. The moon in our charts is the soft, squishy, vulnerable part of us, and when the moon is full, we access our emotions more easily. We want to cry, pout, or even laugh in giddy outbursts.

The full moon shows us contrast, and makes us stand in polarity to some aspect of ourselves.

This particular one is a polarity between self and community. I like to think of it as the polarity between being the star on the center of the stage or being a team player in an improv troupe- or since it’s olympics season, it’s the polarity between being a gymnast performing your balance beam but still being part of a team.

Every single person  in the world- even you- feels a sense of purpose. Feels as if they were born to do something great. You were born with pure potential. That’s indicated by the astrological symbol of the sun. It’s the energy that drives you, that invigorates you and keeps you alive. But often we fall short of reaching our potential. Why is that? If we are born with this burning desire, why do we lose fire in important times in our lives?

To answer this question, let’s look a little bit more into the sign of Leo.

One of the challenges inherent in this sign is a need for external recognition. We all want acknowledgement, props, from people in our world- especially our friends and family.

That is what it means to be a star within a constellation.

But sometimes, that need translates into fear, and we become paralyzed to shine as brightly as we can. We fear stealing the spotlight from our friends, we need to fit in, to belong.

Also, if so much of our sense of our selves has been built on constructs from others and from society as a whole, we can fear saying, “Actually, no, that really doesn’t resonate with me…” and changing course to live more authentic lives.

If you’ve always been a die hard Republican or Democrat because your family and friends are all republicans or democrats and you all go to the same rallies and events…but then suddenly, your candidate disappoints you by enforcing policies that don’t line up with your morals, you’ve got a change in thinking ahead - that may mean a change in voting practices or political allegiance.

It can be difficult for us to speak up, to use our voices, to challenge those people in our lives, our communities. But that is what it means to live authentically. We were all born with different voices and ideas so that we could experience contrast and therefore grow. You don’t have to be someone else or ignore yourself- in fact, I’m suggesting that this Full Moon, you be completely and utterly, unabashedly you.

This Full Moon, allow yourself to be inspired.

Leo is creativity, Aquarius is innovation

Leo is playfulness, Aquarius is freedom

Leo is fire, Aquarius is air

Leo is luxury, Aquarius is philanthropy

As you consider how you might make the most of this Full Moon, I have a couple of things for you to think about and then an exercise.

First, let’s look at what keeps us from shining- from living our purpose.

You see, so often, what keeps us from living our purpose is fear and overwhelm. We get overwhelmed by thinking that we have to live all of our potential all the time in all ways. And since our souls are infinitely full of potential- pure potentiality, that can feel like a lot of pressure. Also, we feel overwhelmed when we do not feel prepared or ready to take on the challenges our purpose presents us.

The remedy for that is to do one thing each day to move closer to your purpose. And the good news is: you’re probably already doing that in your life right now. If you want to know how you’re doing it, think about what in your life right at this time makes you happy- what elevates your heart? If it’s volunteering at the food pantry, playing with your children, or writing poetry, or singing a song- that’s living your purpose. Because your purpose- the big picture of it- is made up of small frames of everyday experiences. Your purpose is a collection rather than a finite goal.

Then, let’s look at fear.

Fear comes into play because we have these belonging needs that relate to our survival. As babies, we have actual physical needs and need to fit into our families and navigate those relationships in order to get our basic needs met. The way we meet these needs, through performing for our parents and making them happy or getting their attention through upset or acting out helps define patterns we live throughout the rest of our lives.

When those patterns don’t work for us anymore, fear fills us on a physical level. We feel stuck. We have tightness in our chest. We feel an internal pull to stand still. We might even hear an, “I don’t want to do that.”

When fear arises, there are two types:

The type that relates to an actual warning, which feels more like being startled

and the type that relates to stepping into your bigness- to change- to shining your brightest. That is a spiritual urge that is actually courage in disguise. The more you step into that fear, the more empowered you become.

Leo rules the heart, and aquarius the circulatory system.

I studied theatre for a number of years, and I was an acting major for part of college. I remember getting "stage fright” right before a performance. My heart would pound like it was coming out of my chest, and my blood would pulse in my body so loudly I could almost hear it. No matter how much I had studied my lines and rehearsed, I would feel this sensation. Then, the moment I stepped on stage, it was as if that energy coursed through my system, and I felt absolutely present, whole, and alive right there in that moment.

Fear is just a sensation. It’s just a physical feeling. And its purpose is to encourage you to act- to push you out onto the stage… To help you shine.

So, I am going to propose a Full Moon activity for you.

First of all, just take a few deep breaths and we’re going to hit overwhelm head-on. For the next month, during this cycle, each day, think of one thing you can do in your everyday life to feel a sense of purpose. IT might be taking out trash for your wife to help with the household chores. It could be playing a game with your child. It could also be starting a blog and writing a few posts. What helps you feel alive and connected to others?

Then, we’re going to look at fear. Ask yourself: what do I most fear? Just write down the very first thing that comes to your mind- without judgment. It could be rejection or betrayal or making that call to my brother to tell him something I’ve been holding back. Just sit with it. We’re not going to do anything just yet. Over the next 30 days, reflect on your fear- imagine yourself playing it out- the scenario.

Meet the fear head-on- and give yourself permission to go there in your imagination.

By the time of the next Full Moon, see how that fear feels for you. You might see that it has been turned down considerably. By moving into fear, you step over the threshold into courage. Fear is just courage in disguise.