As an astrologer, writer, speaker, and healer I work with individuals and companies to make the most of upcoming astrological influences by emphasizing soul growth themes and opportunities. I combine psychic and mediumship gifts with astrology to offer guidance about major life issues. 

I don't predict the future: I help you pre-script your destiny. 


I work with individuals and businesses to navigate through transitions, align with planetary cycles, and clear paths towards expansive futures. In a typical session, we will discuss career, relationships, financial success, health, family and home, and other questions you have. In my client practice, I combines psychic, healing, and mediumship gifts, along with the symbolic language of astrology to support you in co-creating your future.

What I can do for individuals, I can also do for families, groups, businesses and organizations. I have worked with CEOs of large corporations as well as small businesses to help develop strategies for growth based on astrological cycles and their corresponding market trends.

As an activist for social justice, I earned an MA in Theology from Loyola Marymount University. I speak regularly on topics related to astrology and spirituality and volunteer with organizations dedicated to helping give voice to those who have been abused, restricted, oppressed, or marginalized.

I am also a regular contributor to LVBX Magazine.