Leo (July 23 – August 22)

2018 could be your year! It’s true. You have some dynamic influences to experience this year, and your overall outlook is exciting! It’s a relief after two intense and challenging years. But first, you have some minor lessons to master. Namely, lessons in compassion and detachment. Think of this as your month to live the Buddhist Middle Way.

Now that the holidays are over, people are heading back to work, rushing to meetings and feeling some stress. Because of this, you could encounter some annoying or irritating situations. Of course, I hope you don’t! But if you do, think of them as opportunities to be more Buddhist. When someone near you crunches their chips, talks loudly on the phone, cuts you off in traffic, or argues a point, you might want to find your Zen place and practice compassion. Otherwise, anxiety and frustration can burn inside of you, and you really don’t need all that stressful energy. To get a head start on your month of the Middle Way, you might consider reading the “Teachings of the Compassionate Buddha" by Edwin Arthur Burtt or something similar.

On January 1, a super Full Moon activates your spiritual side. Pay attention to signs, symbols, and synchronicity to know you’re on the right path. You may receive guidance in strange ways from unlikely people.

Professionally, you have everything you need to build a new beginning, though you may need to develop your skills or work to lay a strong foundation first. Your goals will manifest over time; keep going strong!

Love is a definite highlight at the end of the month. You may talk to your special someone about making a change in your living situation. Perhaps it is time to take your relationship to a whole new level. If you have had relationship challenges, you might have some work to do as a couple. Be honest with one another about your issues, but communicate with kindness and compassion. On January 9, you might consider doing something adventurous to help move through relationship challenges. If you are single, use this month to focus on you. Pamper yourself! The better you feel about you, the more you generate magnetic attraction.



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