Leo (July 23 – August 22)

You have the energy you need to accomplish goals and the enthusiasm necessary for a creative breakthrough. So, stay focused on that which uplifts and supports you, and do not become distracted with the affairs of others. In “The War of Art: Break Through the Blocks and Win Your Inner Creative Battles,” author Steven Pressfield writes about Resistance, the fearful voice in your head urging you to stop and slow down right as you’re about to do something soul-expanding. Involving yourself in others’ dramas is one way Resistance can show up for you, and so, recognize it as such when it happens. Then, shift your focus back to you.

On April 5, the new moon activates your inner explorer. Plan a getaway early in the month if you can. If not, at the very least, change up your routine and try something new. With luck on your side, you could have a fortuitous encounter this month, but you need to have faith in the possibilities and courage to step beyond your comfort zone, especially at the time of the full moon on April 19.

Your inner warrior may want to roar around April 13, calling you to defend yourself or a loved one in a complicated situation. It could even be a legal matter. You have the opportunity to experience the fullness of your power; do so with grace by letting your heart supersede your ego.

Professionally, a new spotlight shines on you, and you could receive recognition after April 20. You could hear of job opportunities around April 22. Likewise, you could be asked to be featured in a publication or accept a publishing deal. Open your mind to all possibilities.

In relationships, you learn new lessons about intimacy and togetherness early in the month. You may have some financial matters to work through with your partner, especially regarding taxes, loans, and insurance. After April 20, though, things shift as Venus moves into Aries, a fellow fire sign. This transit will help inspire romance through the end of the month.

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