Leo (July 23 – August 22)

This month, let your heart take the lead; you could find yourself on an enchanted path toward a richer experience of love. Living from a heart-centered space imbues you with courage. After all, love is a motivating force for transformation.

The new moon on February 4 highlights romance. In what ways would you like your love life to change? Reflect on that question, and your hopeful thoughts will plant seeds of intentions.

At the beginning of the month, travel-related career opportunities could start to manifest. You have a highly creative mind, but you need to prioritize, focusing on one project at a time.

The full moon on February 19 highlights your finances. Profound realizations about your money mindset help you begin a shift from fear to trust. You could also have a deeper sense of pride in what you've accomplished. This type of awareness can help you unlock the door to future success. You might seek assistance from a healer or therapist to unburden your subconscious mind of limiting beliefs about money and deservedness. In the process, you could strategize ways to experience more abundance.

After February 18, the sun in Pisces enhances your sensitivity to and compassion for others. You may feel more deeply connected to those you love and desire to offer a helping hand as a result. Stay centered, though, without becoming overly involved in others’ affairs at the expense of your own energy. Your generosity, when in balance, is heart-expanding.

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