Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Congratulations! You made it through 2018 like a star. With a series of eclipses on the Leo/Aquarius axis line, you underwent considerable growth and excelled in the process. As 2019 starts, you might feel tempted to compile a list of resolutions. While high expectations can lead to high achievement, there is something to be said for stillness. Your creative spirit needs an open heart and still mind from time to time.

The solar eclipse on January 5 could activate new professional opportunities. Perhaps you could decide to accept new responsibilities at work or pursue a promotion. Go for it! Over the next several months, your day-to-day routine could change as a result of the internal shifts happing right now. So, pay careful attention to what life circumstances unfold, maintaining a neutral attitude about them all.

If health concerns arise, see a specialist for preventative medicine. If you have diet and exercise on your resolutions list, you can readily focus on optimum health. After January 20, love steals your attention. Even if you try to focus on other matters, your mind wants to return to romantic dreams for the future or questions about the present.

On January 20, the lunar eclipse in your sign encourages you to see relationships through a new frame of reference. If you have been critical of your partner, notice which criticisms are your projections. Otherwise, this influence could help you remember how you first fell in love, inspiring commitment. If you are single, the sun shining in your sector of partnership from January 20 through the end of the month illuminates the possibility of meeting your person.

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