Leo (July 23 – August 22)

This is an extraordinary time in your life, and these are days you will remember. After all, you have reached a turning point. New energy emerges within you-- a truth, idea, or awakening desire. With enthusiasm for life and a more profound sense of purpose, you are ready to take a risk. The past 18 months have pushed you forward on your path in a way that may have felt unsettling at times. In the process, you have faced hidden fears and moved through. You are ready for a new beginning in romance, career, home, or family. Maybe all of the above!

On November 8, Jupiter, the planet of expansion and luck, moves into your sector of romance and creative expression. For the next thirteen months, Jupiter will expand possibilities in these areas of your life. You could receive a burst of inspiration, especially after November 22, when the Sun joins Jupiter in that area of your chart. If you have been thinking about starting a family, this would be a fortuitous time.

The full moon on November 22 highlights your social life. You could gain clarity about a confusing situation with a friend, especially if you have received mixed messages. As a Leo, you have mastered loyalty to others. Now, you are being asked to be true to yourself, which may mean being a little more introverted this month to focus on your dreams, goals, creative projects, or spiritual side. After all, this is a highly prolific period in your life, and when you follow your inspiration, you could manifest greater success.

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