Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Surround yourself with the people who radiate positive energy. You could use all possible cheerleading encouragement at this time because you are nearing the end of a cycle that started May last year. During this phase, you have stepped up toward the fulfillment of your purpose (and possibly way beyond your comfort zone). In the process, you’ve moved mountains in your life; look at all you’ve achieved! The conclusion of that north node cycle will soon conclude, and anything to which you’ve dedicated yourself will have staying power. In the meantime, review your social media strategy, communicate, teach, and learn. With a keener awareness of culture, you can assess how to best share your gifts.

After October 23, focus turns to home and family. You may wish to change your living space, but first, weigh your options carefully and avoid making drastic changes. You could change your mind after November 16. However, if plans have been underway for some time, this can be a favorable time to execute them.

Speaking of home, you may revisit your childhood neighborhood or connect with distant relatives. These connections could offer you insights into your past that clarify family dynamics that play out in the present time.

The full moon on October 24 shines a spotlight on these matters. Therefore, look without judgment and honor the path you have traveled thus far. Mars in your relationship sector means passion in your love life. For the single Leos, keep all romantic interests playful and fun.

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