Libra (September 22 – October 22)

As a Libra, others regard you as peaceful, charming, and graceful. However, you know what most don’t see: Underneath it all, you’re fierce and unstoppable. Tap into that power this month, and you will soar to new heights, personally and professionally. For some of you, this means setting boundaries and saying “no” when necessary. For others, it means letting go of your need to be liked. It could mean taking a stand and speaking your truth. Access your courage and trust the process.

The new moon on April 5 offers you a chance to review your relationships and ask: Have I dishonored myself in any way? If so, forgive yourself and resolve to do things differently next time. Libra is the sign associated with partnership, and from time to time, you may make compromises to keep the peace. However, with the sun in Aries, you have to prioritize your needs, or the relationship could suffer. If you are single, you could have more dating activity this month than usual, especially as your ruling planet slides into Aries on April 20. Hurt from past relationships may have led you to block off your heart to new romantic possibilities. Now is your chance to heal that hurt and renew your faith in love.

After April 20, attend to any ongoing issues with taxes, insurance, real estate investments, or loans. If you have considered seeking capital for your business, you could receive surprising news on April 22.

After April 4, profound realizations about your family of origin and beliefs you may have inherited could trigger an entire mindset shift. Be willing to dismantle those core beliefs so you can freely be yourself.

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