Libra (September 22 – October 22)

If you enter a destination into your GPS, you will likely see several route options from which to choose. You know, though, they will all lead you to where you want to go. In life, when you have clear goals and dreams, you can take steps to manifesting them into reality. Writing them down adds potentiality. Your visions for the future are like destinations for your internal GPS system. If you have felt unsure of your direction or unclear about next steps forward in your life, spend some time early in the month envisioning your future. Consider making a vision board for inspiration.

The solar eclipse on August 11 could be a turning point for you, professionally and personally. Eclipses can signify important life changes. This one could offer insight and awareness about how you can live a more purposeful life. So, allow yourself to be creative and dream big.

August could be a very social month for you, especially after Venus enters your sign on the 6th. This is an excellent time to become more involved in your community or expand your social network. If you have considered volunteering your time, connect with a worthy cause early in the month.

You could encounter some minor miscommunications with colleagues or friends while Mercury is retrograde this month. After Mercury stations direct on August 18, these challenges could smooth over. In the meantime, practice diplomacy and try to understand the other’s perspective. If you need to regain your center in a conflictual situation, feel free to step away and honor your needs. During Mercury retrograde, you might have an opportunity to reevaluate your friendships and ultimately find ways to deepen your sense of community. By the end of the month, you could be motivated to step beyond your comfort zone and connect with new people.

Venus in your sign highlights romance and connection. If you are single, this could mean fun and flirtation. With several planets retrograde this month, you could reconnect with an ex partner or someone from your past. Honor your boundaries in all romantic situations this month, but especially this type of connection. If you don't hear from someone from your past, then you could gain new awareness and understanding about your history that helps you enter a new chapter in your love life.

You have permission to be more flirtatious, playful, and charming this month, whether you are in a relationship or not. If you are, you might consider a special date night or romantic outing on August 7.

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