Libra (September 22 – October 22)

You are full of charm and social grace; these are two Libra assets, whether you own them or not. This month, you can use these assets as your secret weapon. Socialize, become more involved in your community, and network by building more of an online presence. This is a month for forming lasting friendships and reconnecting with friends from your past. While much of your socializing may feel warm and fuzzy, enjoyable even, these relationships could have a positive influence on future career pursuits. Go into any social scene with an open heart, a curious mind, and a welcoming personality. Nurture your friendships over time, and you could be surprised by how the puzzle pieces of your life come together throughout the next year. This is especially true on August 15, when you could find yourself in a leadership position or be asked to organize for a cause. Being a people-oriented person is part of your purpose in this life.

After August 23, you may wish to steer away from the crowd and make some time for self-care. A spa or relaxation day on August 24 would help you recharge after a busy summer. If you can get away, plan a trip around the time of the new moon on August 30.

We have several outer planets retrograde this month, and you might feel delayed progress in reaching your goals. Have patience with yourself and any limitations you perceive. Take this month to develop a clearer vision for your future, personally and professionally.

If you are single, relax and enjoy being free to socialize. If you are partnered, accept invitations and make plans regardless of whether or not your significant other can join. Otherwise, if you fall into a codependent mindset trap, you might miss out on meaningful interactions. Use your Libra charm to smooth over any disagreements with your loved one.

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