Libra (September 22 – October 22)

Balance is a Libra keyword, and nothing calibrates your equilibrium like time to yourself. July ushers in a period of transition for you, personally and professionally, with exciting things manifesting in your life. To maximize the creative potential of this time, make time to nurture yourself. Spend time in nature, have a day of pure relaxation, meditate frequently, and honor your body’s needs.

The Solar eclipse on July 12 highlights changes in your career. While this isn’t the optimal time to start a new venture (with Mars in Retrograde), this is an excellent time to expand outreach in your current job. You might consider hiring an agent or representative to help with promotion. Likewise, submit articles or blog posts to reach a broader audience. If the energy of the eclipse stirs up within you a desire for an overall career change, try to think about the long-term and take incremental steps right now. This approach can prevent you from feeling overwhelmed by the process of starting out on a new path.

After July 22, your social life is the focus. Remember: Balance is your keyword. You can turn down invitations if your time is limited. The eclipse on July 27 could reveal some hidden truth about one of your friends or colleagues. As a result, your social circle could shift. These changes are necessary, even if they are painful. Your path is unfolding in remarkable ways right now, and any situation unfolding in your life supports that growth and evolution.

 Romantic interests from the past could come back into your life, albeit briefly, this month, especially on July 20. Before you move into a new relationship or deepen a current one, you might need to let go of an ex. Maybe you didn’t gain closure from that relationship. By the time Mercury stations retrograde on July 25, you could get your chance. If you are planning to start a family with your partner,  the lunar eclipse on July 27 could help shine a light on issues that may be hindering the process. It could also introduce a surprise when you least expect it! 

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