Libra (September 22 – October 22)

A surge of inspiration could spur you to action. What are your biggest dreams? What are your short-term goals? Last month, several retrograde planets may have delayed you, but as the Equinox on September 22 approaches, you are ready to take steps forward on your most expansive path. This month highlights transition, but it feels manageable for you, Libra. You have more focus and drive. Use this energy to your benefit, and budget your time and resources according to what matters most. With all of this momentum at your disposal, resist the urge to prioritize others’ interests and activities.

On September 22, the sun enters your sign and illuminates possibilities for recognition. This is no time to shy away from the spotlight. Instead, allow yourself space and freedom to express yourself. For some, this may mean making time for creative outlets. For others, this may mean posting recent accomplishments on social media. Your words have power after September 21, when Mercury enters your sign. This is an excellent time to speak your mind about a complicated subject matter or mediate a conflict.

Dwarf planet Ceres in your sign from September 5th on suggests this is a time of fertility. This could apply to creative projects as well as living creatures, children, plants, or pets. Issues of parenting and nurturance may be at the forefront of your mind right now. If you do not have children, you might reflect on your own childhood this month and access new insights about your parental modeling. You might want to make time for self-nurturing activities. Parent yourself the way you wish you would have been parented, especially at the end of the month.

Saturn, the planet of responsibility, stations direct and begins to move forward again on September 6. Any delays with house-related projects may have brought on undue frustrations, but now, you could see solutions more clearly. If you have been trying to sell a home or property, plan an open house around September 7 and feel the flow of energy once again.

For the past two months, relationships have had ups and downs for everyone, Libras included. Any unresolved conflicts could reach resolve this month, even if they were only internal ones. Mars, the passion planet, moves forward again and settles into your sector of romance on September 10. If you are single, flirt, date, and have fun. If you are involved in a relationship, the full moon on September 24 highlights partnership potential. You could receive insights about how to have more balance in your relationship.

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