Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

2018 could be YOUR year! It starts with a bang on January 1, when a Full Moon activates a Grand Water Trine. Make the most of this powerful energy and do a little creative visualization. What do you want to manifest in your life this year? The possibilities are limitless for you. Truly. What’s the key to making remarkable things happen in your life? Aligning with the right people and asking for support. This can be challenging for a generous person like you.  After all, others call on you for help, and you almost always answer yes. This year, try reciprocity. Giving AND receiving. You might consider exercising your receiving muscles by practicing reaching out for friendship and support.

If you’ve been thinking about running for office, starting a crowdfunding project, or producing a film, now is the time to kick off your campaign. You can win over any audience with your genuine kindness, and your sense of humor is a definite plus! Leadership is a theme for you throughout 2018. You could be asked to serve in a greater capacity.

Your spirituality and sense of faith are undergoing an expansion process, as you rethink your childhood beliefs and ideals.  With all of this new insight and awareness, you may have an opportunity to travel, especially at the beginning of the month. Who knows? You might even consider living abroad for a period of time. Adventure expands your awareness about life and opens your mind. This month, the thought of it energizes you for the future.

Love and commitment go hand in hand this month, as well as throughout the year. If your relationship has been rocky, stay dedicated, even if you have a few more ups and downs. You might want to see a counselor or attend a relationship workshop to dive deep and heal the underlying issues. For those of you who are single and calling in your special someone, let hope lead the path toward belief. Can you feel the love on the horizon? Yes! Stay with that feeling. Now, you’re manifesting! This month is big for love. Update your dating profile and socialize as much as possible. January 16’s New Moon is excellent for this, and you could even meet someone new. 

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