Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

As the sun begins to shine and spring buds blossom, you could become a social butterfly. Venus shines in your sign at the beginning of the month, helping you feel joy in connecting with others. With powerful magnetism, you could find yourself attracting all kinds of new people into your life. As you open your mind and heart this way, be discerning. Energy vampires can seem charismatic and charming at first. Your intuition will guide you away from those types of people if you pay attention to the clues.

The new moon on April 5 draws you inward to reflect on financial matters, and you could strategize how to access resources for big-ticket items you desire. Attend to issues regarding taxes, investments, and debt early in the month, before the full moon on April 19, and maintain a positive mindset about it all.

After April 10, you could revisit professional goals that never transpired. If you reached out to a contact within the past six months but did not hear back, try again now with new resolve. You could also repurpose articles, photos, or posts that didn’t receive much attention at first. With Venus and Mercury in your sign at the beginning of the month, all eyes are on you. Take advantage of that influence until April 20.

In love, you may need to review a past relationship before starting a new chapter. If an ex reappears in your life, note the emotional patterns you played out in that relationship. You have a chance to do things differently this time. Beware of falling in love with potential, especially around April 2. Allow Venus to help raise your confidence, and attract love from that elevated state.

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