Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

The astrology of June and July was wild and intense. Being intuitive and thus sensitive to energy, you have likely felt this more than other signs. Maybe you found yourself in unusual circumstances, like a run-in with your ex. Or perhaps loved ones called upon you for guidance and support. Now, we start a new season, one with less focus on emotional interactions and more emphasis on taking care of business. In some ways, this month will be a reprieve, and you could have more time to organize your life.

Start with your daily routine and make some adjustments to have more time for self-care. Prioritize eating healthy foods and taking restorative walks at the beginning of the month. By the full moon on August 15, you will feel better prepared for the back-to-school season of transition. Think of yourself as a squirrel in the early part of the month, gathering what you need before heading into the winter. Also, bask in any abundance you’ve recently earned.

After August 23, your focus shifts to your love life. You may have doubts about others’ motives or face issues of trust around the time of the new moon on August 30. Discern whether your concerns stem from your intuition or deep-seated fears. The two can seem similar, but fear tends to want specific storylines, whereas intuition knows. It doesn’t care about the nitty-gritty details. Face fears head-on, and you will open your heart to experiencing more love. The more you more deeply trust yourself, the more you allow a positive evolution in your love life, especially around August 24. 

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