Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

The symbol for Pisces features two fish swimming in opposite directions. This month, if you feel inner conflict or duality as if parts of you are pulling against one another, stop swimming upstream. Follow the flow in your life. Here’s a hint: It may lead you to attend to practical and logistical concerns, like finishing your taxes or organizing your closet.

Venus in earth sign Capricorn helps you ground and center, a necessary process for recognizing the next steps toward the fulfillment of your goals. Mars enters Taurus, another earth sign, on February 14, helping you feel balanced and less unsure of personal relationships. You could use this stabilizing, grounding energy to stay clear about your relationship desires, especially from February 18-22.

Professionally, though you can see a vision of where you are going in life, you still have work to do in clearing a path forward.

The full moon on February 19 in Virgo shines a spotlight on relationships, especially close partnerships. If you have considered making a professional alliance with someone, this influence enables you to see any red flags and then make decisions accordingly.

After February 18, we enter Pisces season, and all eyes turn toward you, making the end of the month a favorable time for updating your appearance or modifying your social media presence. With Mercury entering your sign on February 10, you have a gift with words and communication from the heart, and you may want to showcase your talents in a more public way.      

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