Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

January's transits push you to the limit of your comfort zone. Step beyond it and extend a hand to a stranger, run for office, join a speakers bureau, or register for a matchmaking service. If you have been talking yourself out of doing something seemingly novel or impractical, rethink the idea and give it a try. What do you have to lose? In fact, you may discover a hidden talent. You'll know you're on track if you feel a mixture of fear and excitement.

The solar eclipse on January 5 highlights possibilities for meeting new friends, ones with whom you will develop a deeper bond over time. You never know, single Pisces, one of those friendships could even evolve into a romantic relationship. If you have had challenging relationships with friends or shake-ups in your social circle, you could gain insight about core issues around January 13. External conflicts could have triggered a deeper healing process for you.

Professional opportunities abound, with Jupiter in your career sector this year. As Venus joins Jupiter on January 22, an interaction with someone special could set into motion a series of life-changing events. Even a simple conversation could have a ripple effect. Keep an open mind, and watch for symbols in your life, like dreams, animal messengers, or synchronicities.

With all of this potential change, it is important to stay grounded, especially at the lunar eclipse on January 20. Live in the present, while accepting the past and stepping consciously into the future.

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