Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

Fear can manifest itself through doubts and worries. When you are focused on an intention or working to achieve a goal, faith can keep you in an optimistic, positive flow no matter what external evidence you receive to the contrary. How can you manufacture confidence without physical proof? Rather than belief in a fixed outcome (the manifestation of your intention), believe in your process. That means staying in integrity throughout by trusting your intuition above outside voices. If you know something beyond a shadow of a doubt, anchor yourself to that knowing. With that kind of faith, you can trust that your journey will lead to a remarkable destination.

Jupiter, the planet of luck and expansion, enters Sagittarius and your career sector on November 8, signaling the start of a 13-month cycle of professional growth, career opportunities, and recognition for your work. If you have been working to complete a project or launch a new business, Jupiter’s influence could help you attract the right kind of attention. It could also offer a little luck with job searching. Helpful people could appear in your life to open doors this month, especially around the time of the full moon on November 22. The planetary influences for November invite you to share your ideas, thoughts and work with the world. So, push through any fear or resistance and stay focused on completion.

With Venus retrograde until November 16 and Mercury retrograde after that, you may find yourself reflecting on financial, professional, or relationship decisions you made in the past. This is a time for reviewing and even rethinking, but don’t accept fear’s invitation to linger in regret. Self-forgiveness could be an essential theme for you, especially on the sixteenth.

The full moon on November 22 highlights home and family. You and your partner could discuss plans to make changes in your living space. If you are single, you might look for ways to create space in your home (and life) for a romantic partner. For example, is your bedroom filled with photos and items from previous relationships? If so, perhaps you could let some of those things go to release the past and let the universe know you’re available for a fresh start.

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