Pisces (February 19 – March 20):

This month, with even a little faith in yourself, anything is possible. In times of doubt or emotional intensity, you might be inclined to withdraw from others. As a Pisces, one of your core challenges is to stay centered in your truth despite the vibes you feel from others close to you or in the collective. Balance yourself on that fine line between independence and relationality, and you will not need to hide your heart or run away from a relationship.

This month, you could question your commitments to others. Are you getting the love you want? It starts with you, and the more you show respect for yourself, the better you can allow others into your life.

The dark of the new moon on October 8 awakens your mystical side. Pay attention to your dreams or any internal messages around that time. Your mind may be preoccupied with material matters, especially concerning finances, but your heart is leading you into more in-depth spiritual exploration. If you share finances with a partner, you could have discussions to strategize future projects and plans.

If you have had any recent financial stressors, take steps toward economic freedom. It could be as simple as changing your money mindset, adopting a more positive approach anchored in self-compassion. After October 23, offer yourself an adventure, but be cautious about romantic encounters on any journey you take. The Venus retrograde cycle (from October 5-November 16) suggests slowly and conscientiously moving into any new tryst.

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