Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

At times, you have to clear something out of your life to create space for the new to come in. You can’t accept a new job without letting go of your current position, for example. Or squeeze a new wardrobe into a closet full of clothes. You are ready for a new beginning in some area of your life — you have wanted this for a long time! At the beginning of the month, take inventory of your life. What needs to be cleared? What no longer fits? Think about physical things (clutter), emotional energy drains (anger, depression, resentment), and thoughts (are you too hard on yourself?). Let go by April 15, when the New Moon in passionate Aries motivates you to seize the day.

You could be more in touch with your creative side this month. If you are an artist, your work could reach new levels of inspiration. Self-expression is key for you, no matter what you do this month. In a similar vein, it is also a highly fertile month, whether you’re planting seeds in the garden or trying to start a family.

Any financial stress you feel at the beginning of the month eases slightly toward the end of April. This is a good time to rethink your budget and prioritize your spending, especially if you’re trying to save more. It is also tax time in the US, and this could factor into some of your stress until the 15th. You may need an overall mindset adjustment, shifting from fear to hope. By the time of the Full Moon on April 29, you could have new ideas about how to earn more income from your side hustle or monetize a hobby. Stay open to all possibilities.

Romantic love is a highlight early in the month, and even if you are single, you will feel it. You may find others turning their heads when you walk by, or you might notice others flirting with you more frequently throughout the month. Soak up this attention, and let it boost your confidence. If you are in a relationship, rekindle the spark in any way you can, especially after April 24.


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