Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

As a Sagittarius, you want to do it all. You were born with a curious mind and an open heart. Jupiter, your ruling planet, is the biggest planet in our solar system. It wants limitless possibilities. Unfortunately, here on earth, we have limitations, like time and energy. So, you often face the task of discerning how to use these resources best, while still keeping the faith. This month, that tension comes to a head. You could receive several opportunities manifesting all at one time. Choose wisely to make the most of these influences, especially with the full moon on August 15.

After August 17, you have a surge of momentum to make career changes. You could be inspired to promote yourself or expand your network. This is a welcome time to pitch an idea, finish a project, or take a step forward in faith. The new moon on August 30 helps you set intentions and bring opportunities into focus.

Your ruling planet, Jupiter, is still retrograde, and you may feel as if some of your personal and professional goals are at a standstill. As the planet of faith and belief, Jupiter wants you to give yourself a pep talk and maintain a positive outlook. You can do it! This message applies to your love life, too, especially if you’ve been single for some time. You have had time in recent months to dig deep and gain greater awareness about yourself. This month, focus on self-acceptance and forgiveness, and you will experience more of what you desire in your most intimate relationships. August 13 is a romantic day. Plan a date night or sneak out of town with your special someone.

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