Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Adventure calls you, Sagittarius. Will you answer? Whether you are ready for a new beginning in life or just need a getaway, your feelings of restlessness are telling you something significant. So, pay attention and honor the call. If it is unfeasible for you to take time off or leave town, you can satisfy that urge also by expanding your mind or opening your spiritual awareness. A language class, for example, would be an excellent way to challenge your brain while also preparing you to experience a new culture. In whatever ways you choose to activate the energy of this month’s transits, make sure you try something new!

On August 11, a solar eclipse highlights a sector in your chart relating to philosophy and higher education. It also links to publishing. So, if you have a writing project in progress, this could be an excellent time to submit a manuscript or work with an agent to pitch an idea. The influence of this transit could also inspire you to learn with a spiritual master. Before you commit to a course of study, however, get all the facts. With Mercury retrograde until August 18, you could rush in without understanding all the details.

After August 22, the sun shines in your career sector, and you could have opportunities for recognition. If you have considered looking for a new job or making an overall career change, you might want to wait until after Mars stations direct on August 27. Up to that time, you can network and seek guidance from mentors. You may have recently been taking inventory of your life, and therefore, you are more in touch with your sense of worth. You have perhaps come to realize the income you are currently bringing home does not adequately reflect the value of your services. If this applies to you, focus on how you might ask for or give yourself a raise. As a Sagittarius, you have a gift for manifesting more resources when you need them most.

Your love life could seem like a scene from Shakespeare’s “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” You could feel confused about the signals you receive from a special someone. You could also experience a few communication challenges with your current or potential partner this month. Relax and take it easy, especially if you find yourself waiting for texts to come in. Allow relationships to unfold over time. If you are committed to a partner, make having an adventure your top priority. Explore a new territory together and deepen your connection. If you have questions about the direction of the relationship, engage in open conversations around the time of the solar eclipse on August 11.

If you are single, someone you’ve considered a friend could ask for more. Go with your gut— that initial response you feel when faced with the question. This is the voice of your intuition. Do not try to rationalize or talk yourself out of what you know to be true.   


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