Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Mars, the passion planet, is in your sign all month long. Because of this, you could be buzzing with excitement, energy, and readiness to experience your love life in a whole new way. If you have had troubled relationships or been involved in complicated situations, change starts with you. Notice romantic red flags right away, and don’t give into the illusion that they will go away. If you keep attracting unavailable people, ask yourself: How am I unavailable for love? The answer to this could offer you the key to unlock your relationship potential. You are coming out of a three-year period during which your faith was tested, but this is over! So, it’s time for a new chapter in love, and you could experience this as soon as February 15. If you have a healthy, happy relationship, you might be ready to find ways to strengthen your bond, like attending couples’ retreats, developing a shared spiritual practice, or taking up a shared hobby, like dancing. Venus, the planet of love and romance, is in your fourth house of home and family after February 10. You can make small changes to your home to enhance your love life, like buying fresh flowers for your table, decluttering your bedroom to clear away things from past relationships, or adding symbols of love on top of your nightstands, like rose quartz crystals or heart-shaped stones. Consider having a Feng Shui consultation to receive suggestions from a pro. These action steps let your subconscious mind know: You dare to fall in love truly and deeply. You’re ready.


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