Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Your month starts on a positive note, as this is a high-energy time. No matter your life circumstances, you could feel optimistic about the future and motivated to make positive changes. Life is presenting you with a buffet of choices, and you have the freedom to decide. However, be careful not to stack your plate too full. What professional or personal goals most excite you? Focus your attention there, as anything else could be a distraction.

Your schedule could be quite full at the beginning of the month with social activities, family, community, or all of the above, especially at the new moon on February 4.

Venus slides into practical Capricorn on February 3, offering support in helping you reach financial goals. This influence could aid you in identifying ways in which you might be compromising your economic interests by undervaluing yourself or giving too much away. On February 22, you could gain awareness about how to shift any deep-seated financial concerns and experience more grace in this area of your life.

Mars in fire sign Aries makes for intense romantic connections at the beginning of the month. On Valentine’s Day, that energy cools down as Mars moves into Taurus. If you start a relationship before the 14th, give it time. After February 22, your attention turns more inward, and profound realizations about your past could help shift the way you experience love in the present. You may even discover that you can have the freedom you seek within a secure relationship. Then, the real adventures in love begin.

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