Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Welcome to the first month of what could be the best year of your life! Jupiter transits through your sign like a bright light shining on all you do. However, you have to lay some groundwork as a foundation for forthcoming opportunities. So, try this exercise: Feel your deepest longings at your heart center. What gift would you like to receive so that your life feels more fulfilling? Write and hold them as intentions. Where you focus your attention, you can manifest greatly. So, be conscious of thoughts and self-talk.

Financial matters could shift with the solar eclipse on January 5. A sudden insight from out of the blue could be the key you need to shift into a more abundance mindset. After January 20, stay focused. Keep only one book at a time on the nightstand, for example.

The lunar eclipse on January 20 asks you to revisit significant themes with siblings or neighbors. Eclipses symbolize turning points that awaken truth, which could facilitate change within your sibling relationships.

Venus, the planet of beauty, enters your sign January 7, helping spark up your love life. In her light, you could more greatly experience your goodness and worthiness of love. This boost in confidence could help you attract attention from others, especially if you’re single. You could also recognize more beauty and goodness in others. If you are in a relationship, you and your partner could enjoy more connection and intimacy. Despite hectic schedules, make time to be present with your special someone.

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