Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Springtime starts March 20, and with that comes possibilities for a fresh start. Start the month by spring cleaning to prepare space in your home and life for something new. Clear out closets, purge old files and photos, and let go of some of the “stuff” that crowds your space. When you’re finished with that, reconsider what mental clutter you might need to release, too. Worries, fears, self-doubt, and judgmental thoughts can be energetic roadblocks keeping you stuck. The new moon March 6 pulls you inward for self-reflection about how to change your thinking patterns and emotional habits for good.

If you have considered making updates to your house or even a move, don’t let Mercury retrograde from March 5-28 stall your momentum. Keep moving forward, despite any delays. Trust the process; some of those seeming setbacks may be divine protection in disguise. When signing contracts, be careful to cross all I’s and dot all T’s. Ask your detail-oriented friends to cross-check any significant contracts or correspondence.

Uranus enters Taurus on March 6, starting a new seven-year cycle that could shift the nature of your work. As this cycle gets underway, add a little excitement to your everyday routine in small ways. What kinds of changes can you make to feel freer in your life? The answer to that might lead you to a mindset shift, helping you let go of self-imposed limitations.

The full moon on March 20 spotlights your love life. If you are single, a group outing with friends could result in a synchronistic introduction to someone special. Keep an open heart and mind. If you are in a relationship, work to clear communication hiccups early in the month, and by the 28th, you will feel more solidly connected.

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