Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

Life offers many distractions to take you out of the present moment. With a little extra focus, you can bridge the distance between your current reality and future dreams. The key to meeting long-term goals lies in your ability to concentrate on the task at hand, without running off to start something new. So, stand still and commit to one thing at a time, resisting the urge to divide your attention.

Venus, the planet of relationships and finances, begins its retrograde cycle on October 5, and fears about these areas of your life could rise to conscious awareness. Good! That’s what retrogrades can help us do. We want to make visible those unseen forces so we can better integrate and evolve beyond any limitations. Because of this, your attention may sway from the material to the spiritual. Connect with a meditation group, deepen a yoga practice, or get together with friends for deep, soulful conversations. These types of activities could also inspire your creativity.

If you feel nostalgic for friends from the past, perhaps you could reach out through social media and say a quick hello, even plan a get-together.

With Venus retrograde, keep your budget in mind each time you feel like making a splurge. Try to prioritize your spending and avoid taking risks right now. Wait until after November 16 for clarity about purchasing decisions. In the meantime, face your financial fears by developing a strategy for your long-term picture.  

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