Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21):

When you have a clear vision of your dream, you can navigate your way toward it. However, when you feel uncertain or have multiple options, your path may lead you through a few twists and turns. As a Sagittarius, you understand what it means to take a risk. After all, your sign is associated with adventure. If you have felt unclear about your life and work in the past two months, then this month, climb every mountain and follow every open road until you meet your heart’s desire. Be courageous, even if it means stepping into the unknown.

You could receive a calling this month, a sacred contract, professionally or personally. So, pay attention to any guideposts along the way, including signs and symbols in your environment, intuitive hits, or ideas from trusted friends. You are being led.

Financial matters may have been top of mind. Saturn, the planet of responsibility and limitation, has been retrograde the area of your chart relating to income and expenses. You might need to make specific spending choices this month. Focus on your top priorities.

Seize any career opportunities early in the month. Trust your intuition and don’t second-guess yourself. The full moon on September 24 highlights your creative potential. Think about new ways you might express your talents and share them with the world.

The full moon also shines a light on your love life. Approach all romantic encounters with integrity, and be honest about your feelings. If you are in a relationship, you might crave new experiences with your partner. Expand your horizons, especially around September 27, when you might decide to take a road trip or sign up to learn a new hobby together. If you are single, enjoy time with friends, especially after the Equinox on September 22. At the end of the month, a friendship could deepen, and it could lead to romance.


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