Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Watch out for the devil in the details this month. With a busy schedule, you have to multi-task more than usual— to be both the boss and the admin of your own life. Manage your schedule and all correspondences and then show up and be fabulous. Of all signs, you have what it takes to run your life like clockwork. However, this month, with so much going on, you have to be careful to catch or avoid minor mistakes, like typos. So, spend the extra time to proofread, confirm appointments, crop your pictures right, and cross-check your work.

By the New Moon on April 15, you could receive news about any job leads you have pursued. Try to remain patient with others throughout the month, especially if you don’t receive immediate responses. On April 2, you could be energized to market yourself in new ways. Though this is not the best time to sign a contract with an agent or rep, gather information and move ahead around the time of the Full Moon on April 29.

Early in the month, you might hear from a brother or sister (or a friend who’s like a sibling to you). With Mercury in retrograde until April 15, we are all more reflective of the past and nostalgic. If your relationship has been challenging, you might have a breakthrough, but it will likely happen on your terms.

Venus, the planet of love and relationships, is in your seventh house of partnership until April 24. With this influence, any romantic prospects you meet will be attractive on multiple levels. Try not to get too carried away on April 16. This month starts out intense for everyone, and relationships could go through ups and downs. Be gentle with one another, and relax as much as possible when you can.


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