Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

When it comes to secret-keeping, you are an expert. You hold others’ confidential information in a sort of mental lockbox, and you have quite a few of your own private details. If you are in a complex romantic situation, you might not want to say too much until you figure it all out this month. Hidden truth usually comes out, especially if it involves deception of some kind. Be careful, therefore, if you are involved in a situation that compromises your integrity, especially on February 21. Even a minor indiscretion could compromise everything you’ve built in your life. If, however, you take the high road and make conscious decisions, you will benefit from ample rewards. For those of you involved in a relationship, the New Moon highlights your home and family, initiating a brand new cycle of commitment in these areas of your life. You could decide to settle down with your partner or engage in discussions about family life. Venus, the planet of love and relationships, enters compatible Pisces on February 10. This signals a period of heightened romance, creativity, and even fertility. Your luck could change if you are single and longing for a relationship. By February 21, when Venus conjuncts Neptune, your romantic notions could lead you through an exploration process during which you will find new ways to meet a soulmate.


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