Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Attune your ears and start to listen in new ways. This month, you can develop and enhance your already acute perceptive sensibilities. You may begin to hear what's not being said as clearly as the words spoken. This fine-tuned ability will help you discern truth from fiction as well as become a better communicator. As an intuitive Scorpio, your inner wisdom can help you navigate life’s challenges, but you need to trust yourself. The solar eclipse on January 5 allows for a breakthrough so you can become your own oracle. You might decide to read a self-help book or sign up for a workshop to improve your understanding.

Early in the month, you may have to smooth out issues with siblings, especially January 11, when you may need to take the high road in an emotionally intense situation.

You could experience financial wins late in the month, especially around January 22, which could come through a promotion, new clients, freelance work, or even a stroke of luck. At this time, you may even find a way to start a home-based business. After all, a lunar eclipse on January 20 signals a career change that will unfold over the next several months. Though you might feel optimistic, this is a time to save more than spend.

Venus, the planet of beauty, is in your sign until January 7, helping you appreciate your goodness and know you are worthy of big love. As you raise confidence in your deservedness, you can attract experiences of love into your life.

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