Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

This month has the right amount of intensity for you. I guarantee you will not be bored! Internal or external tensions could stretch you beyond your comfort zone; you will change as a result. You could start to feel a shift stirring from within on July 12, when the solar eclipse opposes Pluto, the planet associated with your sign. The twelfth is a day of realizations and awakenings when you could discover hidden information. You know that saying, “The truth will set you free?” Well, keep that in mind, as any discovery will eventually liberate you from life situations that have held you back.

Travel is a big theme this month, whether you are leaving town for a vacation or planning one in the future. Business trips early in the month could result in opportunities after July 20. The further you go, the more you expand your horizons.

On July 10, Jupiter stations direct in your sign, and you might have a chance to revisit career opportunities that didn’t manifest as expected earlier this year. This turning point for you could allow you to gain more recognition for your talents. The universe could aim a spotlight on you after July 22, when the sun shines its light on your career sector. However, that also means others could take notice if you act out of integrity or err in some way. Therefore, be conscious in all you do.

Relationships will have ups and downs this month, thanks to Mars (your traditional ruling planet) in retrograde and Uranus in your seventh house of relationships. If you are single, you might find your wishes and desires in flux right now. For those who want life partners, being single is a sacred time during which you grow and change. Honor that time, and focus on you. For those of you involved in relationships, watch your temper with your partner. We are all a more sensitive this month with the Cancer Sun and eclipse season. Find a balance between your work and personal life, and take time for yourself whenever possible.

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