Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

A new season of life begins for you this month. With every new door opening, one must close, and you could sense both the excitement of what’s to come and grief for what you may need to let go. Honor both experiences, and feel the entire spectrum of emotions without judging or suppressing them.

Mercury goes retrograde on March 5, and your mental faculties may not seem as sharp. Instead of relying on logic to solve your problems, tune in with your heart and trust your intuition. Indulge your creative side, too, for healing and release.

After March 20, make time for spring cleaning, and start the new season with a detox to bring your body into balance. Clean space and a healthy body can support your clarity of mind, which you’ll need for decisions regarding business alliances or personal goals.

Professionally, monetize your creative abilities. Showcase your work to attract new customers or clients. The devil is in the details this month, and you’ll want to cross-check every one of them. Recruit assistants to help offer an extra set of eyes when you're writing up contracts, deals, or proposals.

The new moon on March 6 could mean the start of a romantic relationship. If you are single, join a matchmaking service or upload your profile to a dating site. Resist the spell of a past love until you have more insight about whether or not your dynamics have changed. You will know by March 28. If you are in a relationship, you might discuss significant life changes, like welcoming a child into the family. Take steps forward with care, understanding that each one presents a set of challenges and gifts. Most of all, celebrate any progress you make as an individual or couple.

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