Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

How much of life is fate, and how much free will do we actually have? When life circumstances change unexpectedly, you might ponder this question. The truth is: Things happen beyond our control. Political leaders you would have never elected get sworn into office. Rain falls on wedding days. Jobs become downsized and new job opportunities appear unexpectedly. Children grow up and make different choices. We cannot control the thoughts, beliefs, or actions of others. We can, though, manage our responses to external stimuli as well as our attitudes about the future. Now, your sign has a reputation for being a control freak from time to time. This month, fate might have the wheel, but you can work with it to manifest a whole new chapter.

On June 13, Venus enters your tenth house of career and reputation. This is a great time to network and connect with helpful people. If you are looking for a new opportunity or wish to start down a different career path, rely on help from others and then return the favors at the end of the year, when all of the pieces come together and fall into place.

Mars stations retrograde on June 26, and you could revisit your past. You might even plan a trip to visit your childhood home or reconnect with estranged family members. If you harbor any lingering anger, regret, or disappointment about the past, seek help from a therapist or supportive person. You have too much forward-moving energy in life to be held back by pain from the past.

Mars in retrograde could also delay home renovation projects or architectural plans. Trust in divine timing rather than yield to frustration.

Your relationships are undergoing a deep metamorphosis. Perhaps you desire more freedom now than before. You can individuate without separating. The key to relationship success is to strike a balance between your needs and those of your partners. If you are single, your relationship paradigm is changing, too, and possibly for the better. Assess your true desires and align those with actions. If you say you want love but stay home every night with your cat, you’re out of alignment. To manifest love, you need to be love for others. So, step out and connect!

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