Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Happy birthday! The sun shines in your sign until November 22, and under its bright spotlight, you will radiate pure potential. You are in your power, which means you can create change in your life if you so choose. Your financial circumstances could shift this month as Jupiter, the planet of opportunity and luck, moves into a new sign. For the past thirteen months, Jupiter has been transiting through your sign, granting you recognition for a job well done, career opportunities, social connections, and a more positive attitude. As a result, you may have launched a project, written a book, or received accolades for your work. Any successes you have achieved will have lasting benefits, ones you should begin to experience in your life this year. On November 22, you may find ways to restructure your attitude and beliefs about money. You can overcome your financial fears by acknowledging your power to shape your reality. You can have an abundant life if you dare to break through your limitations. No matter what is happening in the collective, you are the author of your own destiny.

The new moon in your sign on November 7 invites you to take center stage. If you are a performer or work in a creative field, you could read this message literally. You could find other ways to draw positive attention to yourself. Perhaps you could submit to a competition or write a piece for an online publication. This is a favorable time to promote yourself in new ways.

Mercury, the planet of communication, stations retrograde on November 16 and will appear to move backward until December 7. Holiday travel plans could change at the last minute, or you could encounter delays as a result of technical glitches or miscommunication. Relax through it all. Mercury could be offering you the chance to let go and take life a little less seriously.

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