Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

On October 23, the sun enters your sign and signals the start of Scorpio season. Up to that point, you might reflect on your life throughout the past twelve months. You’ve had an eventful year. Jupiter, the planet of expansion, has been in your sign, and its influence opened doors of opportunity and surprises you could have never imagined possible. So, pause and pat yourself on the back.

Venus, the planet of grace and style, stations retrograde on October 5 in your sign. For 40 days and nights, you could feel motivated to update your look. First, though, consider this: because you could change your mind after November 16, avoid doing anything too drastic. Also, relationships could feel confusing or unsettled, especially if you are newly dating or in an unclear romantic situation. The key to making the most of any retrograde period is to focus on personal growth.

Financial arrangements in relationships could also be a focus for you. Do you feel out of balance in your romantic or business partnership? If so, look for healthy ways to process and release any lingering disappointments. The full moon on October 24 in Taurus illuminates amorous possibilities.

The sun in your sign after October 23 shines a spotlight on you. If you meet someone new, keep the affair light and have fun. If you are in a relationship, revisiting a past situation offers clarity around October 26. Venus is in your sign, and her influence could inspire romance in your life.

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