Scorpio (October 23 – November 21):

Your personal magnetism reaches high levels this month, which means you can attract helpful people into your life with ease. Venus, the planet of beauty and grace, enters your sign on September 5 and stays through the end of the month. Venus reminds us that being in a state of receptivity is not weakness but rather grace. This power draws unto itself, attracting and allowing, without a need to hunt or chase. Keep this in mind throughout September, and you can relax and trust any unfolding process without stressing over whether or not you should make the first move.  

The past two months have been a mix of healing transformation and life review. You may have encountered people from your past through unexpected circumstances. Or perhaps you came across old photos that rekindled memories and led you back in time. Now, you can close previous chapters of life and embrace change because it is on the horizon. This is an excellent month to set intentions and take action on behalf of your goals and dreams.

If your love life felt like a roller coaster ride last month, think of the gifts you received. Even if they were painful, like an ending and letting go, with hindsight, you can begin to see a brighter new horizon. You can start to gain confidence, knowing you have done your best. Take charge of your love life this month, own your brilliance, and be the change you want to see. If you are in a relationship, communication is your keyword this month, especially around the time of the new moon on September 9. If you are single and hoping to manifest a relationship, exercise patience and keep Venus in mind.

Follow your intuition or right timing when it comes to reaching out to someone or making an ask, personally or professionally. New business opportunities abound as Jupiter moves through your sign. You might feel the momentum to pursue a business lead or reach out to potential clients, especially from September 9-11. Whether or not you desire a career change, network and expand your social circle this month. The sun shines in your sector of community and friendships until September 22, suggesting you can shine in any social setting. You might even consider joining a professional organization or volunteering to help your favorite cause.

You could feel motivated to make changes to your home or office space this month, especially after September 10. If you consult with designers or solicit help from friends if you want to expedite the process, stay open-minded and remain flexible to weigh all decisions fairly.

The Equinox on September 22 marks a time of transition and the beginning of a new season. For you, it also symbolizes the closing of your solar year. What successes have you enjoyed? What lessons have you learned? It will likely be a busy month, but try to create time and space for yourself to engage in some self-reflection at the end of the month.


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