Intuitive Astrology Reading (1 Hour)
Whether you are going through a life transition, interested in finding out how to make the most of upcoming transits, or seeking guidance about a specific situation, this session can help. You might also prefer a more general read to address career, relationships, health, finances, and home and family. However, if you are going through a major break-up or transition, it is more beneficial to know this upfront to use your time wisely. I'll offer insight, guidance and counsel to make the best possible choices for your highest good. We can look at your chart and identify any psychological or behavioral patterns that may be playing out in the present situation, and then discuss ways to breakthrough unhealthy patterns. A session includes a look at your astrological information along with psychic/intuitive reading.  Each session is different, and I remain open to whatever ways in which to deliver the most pertinent information.

Natal Chart Interpretation (1 Hour)

A natal chart offers you comprehensive insights into your personality, life path, skills, talents, and challenges. In this session, we discuss your birth chart, and I will especially focus on helping you optimize your potential. These sessions are recorded and are a great way to learn more about astrology. I work with planets, asteroids, lunar nodes, and fixed stars when analyzing natal charts. You will receive an email with your natal chart as well as a detailed printout of your chart description.


Psychic/Mediumship Session (1 Hour)

If you have a loved one who has passed into spirit or would like guidance from an intuitive/psychic place, without astrological language, this is the session for you. I still collect your birth data because it helps me access information for our session. If you are looking for a general reading, I cover key topics, like relationships, career, health, and family. Or if you want more specific information about one area of your life, we can focus our time on that. 

In these sessions, I will open to mediumship as well. This involves communication with loved ones who have passed into spirit or guides on the other side. If you are uncomfortable with this, please let me know!


Healing Session (1 Hour)

I treat these sessions differently from others. I offer healing and energy clearing while we talk through the major themes up for you in your life. For example, if you have experienced a breakup, we will heal the heartbreak through energy work while getting to the root of relationship patterns while talking. I go deep with you, and uncover beliefs, trauma, and experiences from your past that might be holding you back or affecting you in the present. 

This session clears energy on any dimension, including your past, or the memory stored in your DNA. I use the modality of Reiki (I'm a Reiki Master Teacher) along with techniques I have developed throughout my 15 years as a healer. I provide any information I can about emotional or spiritual connections that may be manifesting physical symptoms. 

***As an empath and healer, I can also access intuitive information about the body, but I am not a medical intuitive. I am not a physician nor am I licensed to diagnose or treat any conditions. If you are experiencing physical pain or illness, please seek medical help from a professional.


Intuitive Astrology Specific Question or Follow-Up Reading (30 Minutes)


This consultation includes a look at current and upcoming transits and progressions in relation to a specific question. 30- minutes is not enough time for a general reading that includes all aspects of life. Rather, this is designed for follow-up questions or clarity about a specific concern. I'll offer insight, guidance, and counsel to make the best possible choices for your highest good. We can look at your chart and identify any psychological or behavioral patterns that may be playing out in the present situation, and then discuss ways to breakthrough unhealthy patterns. 

A session includes a look at your astrological information, an intuitive reading, and occasionally mediumship. I incorporate all of these tools into my sessions to deliver the most pertinent information for you.


Group Reading (4 Hours)
If you are looking for a truly unique way to entertain and inspire guests at your next gathering, consider having an astrology party! For four hours, I will meet with your guests either one-on-one or with the whole group. I use astrology and intuitive reading for the parties, and I will work with you as the host to make sure your guests have a wonderful time and leave with a better understanding of themselves and where they are going next.


Solar Return Forecast PDF

Each year around the time of your birthday, the sun returns to the exact degree it was at the time of your birth. This sets into motion a yearly cycle called a Solar Return. I offer a 14-page forecast showing you significant themes present for you throughout your solar year. It also makes a great birthday gift!! 


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