Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

As a Taurus, you have a remarkable ability to remain committed once you make a decision. You go all in. This is a blessing and a challenge, though. For, you can’t always recognize when you’ve hit the ceiling and stopped growing in your job or relationship. You may feel frustrated or even sick, but you still resist making a change when you’ve long outgrown your current circumstance. So, do you need a sign from the universe pushing you in the direction of change? Here it is:


To get out of any rut, take an adventure and go somewhere new, even if just for a couple of days. Or read a good piece of fiction and escape through a story. You might also consider writing or take a class to change up your routine. What do you most fear trying or pursuing? The answer to that question may give you clues about next steps you can take to live a more expansive life.

After January 19, your focus turns to your career, and your emphasis shifts to brand awareness and promotion. If you own your own business or work independently, you might consider launching a PR or marketing campaign. No matter what your professional role, January is a favorable time to seek opportunities or secure new clients. Brush up your resume at the beginning of the month, and send it out at the end of January.

The Full Moon on January 1 highlights your social life. You might want to plan a spontaneous New Year’s get together with friends. Or you could find yourself moving from party to party. This is an excellent time to make new friends, either in person or through the wonders of social media. If you are single, get out of your routine and meet someone new. Jupiter’s influence in your seventh house brings expansion through relationships, and it could help you call in the one. If you are in a relationship, you might have some challenges to push through early in the month. Try not to take things too personally; it is all about to shift for the better. In the meantime, if he or she tries your patience, go back in time and remember how you first fell in love.


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