Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

What practices help ground you in the present moment? What do you do to center yourself when you feel scattered? We are coming to the end of a whirlwind season, and it’s time to recalibrate. This month offers you the chance to do just that. Take a deep breath, feel your feet solidly on the ground, and stand still for a moment. For some of you, connections with loved ones will help with grounding and centering. For others, fixing up your home and living space will do. You might work in your garden or make art. Your creative urges are high; take advantage of the inspiration.

The full moon on August 15 draws your attention to your career. Break through mental blocks to reach new levels of success. You will better identify what those could be after August 17. Once cleared, you can realize your potential, especially at the end of the month.

On August 31, the Virgo new moon introduces a new cycle of peak productivity. You may feel prolific in many ways.

After August 23, you could feel more amorous and interested in romance, regardless of your relationship status. Let down your guard, and enjoy any new connections you form. Try a new approach to dating if you’re single. If you are involved in a relationship, you could discover new ways to communicate with your partner. The same message applies to past partners with whom you still have strong bonds. Express your desires, fears, dreams, and concerns openly and directly. You could have a significant breakthrough; the truth will set you free.

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