Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Every choice offers the potential to change your life. It’s true. Even the ones that seem insignificant can alter the course of your life, like the time a man chooses to stop for coffee before work and runs into a former colleague who tells him her company is hiring and urges him to apply.  Or here's another example: When choosing between two events in one night, a person opts to attend the concert at which she meets her future partner! You see, every choice matters, and this month, you could face some of these types of fateful decisions. Trust yourself and rely on your intuition. After all, there is no way you can miss out on your destiny or veer too far off your path. Lean into that knowledge as you head into August. If you need support for those bigger decisions, process the pros and cons of each with a trusted friend, astrologer, or therapist.

We’re all feeling feisty the first week of the month, with momentum to move forward in life. However, Mars retrograde may ask you to rethink professional decisions you have made. You could have opportunities to course-correct a path you’ve taken early in the month. Mars in your career sector fuels your drive and ambition, but make sure you focus it appropriately. Try not to make impulsive decisions if you feel stuck, for example. Think strategically and keep the long-term picture in mind.

The solar eclipse on August 11 in your sector of home and family could inspire you to redecorate or initiate a renovation project. My favorite Feng Shui teacher and bestselling self-help author Tisha Morris says, “Your home is a mirror of yourself, and when you make positive changes to your home, you make positive changes to yourself.” Therefore, make updates to your living space and embrace a new beginning in life.

Eclipses can stir up dormant or suppressed feelings. With the eclipse on August 11 in your house of family, you could experience a whole spectrum of emotions related to your family and childhood, including nostalgia, gratitude, love, grief, and more. This self-reflection could aid you in letting go of any issues from the past that still influence your present-day life. Then, you can ground yourself entirely in the here and now, and better manifest more of your desired intentions. Any emotional or spiritual shifts can help you have a richer experience of love in all ways.


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