Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

You are climbing a new peak in your career. You have likely been working for years to achieve this kind of success. Even if you do not have a typical job, you might be experiencing levels of recognition for your community involvement. This month, keep charging ahead. You are unstoppable! If you lack momentum, step outside and give yourself a break to breathe in the fresh air. Because this month features some intense transits for everyone, you will need to keep a positive outlook. You might try saying this mantra as a daily meditation:


I allow myself to experience success, abundance, and love each day. I accept my life as it is, fully and completely, and trust I will manifest positive changes in my life now and in the future as I have done in the past. 


The solar eclipse in Cancer on July 12 activates your third house of communication and siblings. Eclipses can shift circumstances in our lives, and you could experience some changes in this area. One of your siblings or neighbors could reveal something to you in an unexpected way. You are usually a rock upon which others lean during trying times, but you get to choose how you show support. Right now, you might need to stretch your boundaries to avoid getting overwhelmed. Communicate your needs.

If you have a writing or teaching project, you could encounter breakthroughs in the way you express yourself. If you are working on marketing yourself to potential employers or clients, you might consider seeing a coach to help you develop a clear strategy.

Relationships have ups and downs this month. We have two eclipses, a solar one on July 12 and a lunar one on July 27. The weeks between eclipses feel intense for everyone. Therefore, be gentle with yourself and your loved ones. If you are single and hoping to manifest a relationship, remain optimistic. This might not be the best time to start a new LTR (long-term relationship), but you can have fun flirting and meeting new people, especially at the beginning of the month around July 5. If you are involved, get creative in the ways you express yourself to your partner. If you’re living apart, that could change unexpectedly at the end of the month. Or if you cohabitate, you could decide to make changes to your home. Maybe it’s time to add space for an expanding family. Eclipses catalyze changes in unexpected ways.   


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