Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

Have you ever trained for a competition? As a Taurus, when you dedicate yourself to achieving a feat, you have the tenacity to go the distance, pursue, and win. After all, you specialize in steady, consistent effort. Make this your mantra this October if you feel off course.

Your ruling planet, Venus, stations retrograde on October 5 and appears to move backward until November 16. During this cycle, resist the inclination to push against currents. At the beginning of the month, your schedule could look full, but don't be overwhelmed. Balance work and play, making time for yourself.

If you have been less disciplined about your physical routine, this would be a favorable time to get back on track. Also, with extra motivation to achieve professional pursuits, you could solidify a business relationship, secure a new client, or launch a project. Anything you endeavor to start could take time launch, but once it does, it will produce successful outcomes. In your love life, you could encounter a repeat of past performances during Venus retrograde.

With lights shining in your relationship sector throughout the month, you could have some interesting encounters with people from your past. Enter cautiously into any new romance, staying in integrity and true to your deepest desires. As the month begins, you might reflect on what kind of self-work you can do to have healthier, more satisfying relationships. After all, the key to happiness in love begins with a love of self.

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