Taurus (April 20 – May 20):

On September 22, the sun passes over the ecliptic and heads south of the celestial equator, and we celebrate the Autumnal Equinox. This is one of two points in the year (the Vernal Equinox happens in March) when we have a balance between light and dark. Being an Earth sign, take a signal from the earth and set the intention to feel centered and at ease this month, no matter what transitions life brings.

Speaking of which, September can be a month of transition, as many are settling into a new routine. You may have sent children back to school. Maybe you have noticed the traffic patterns changing as one season ends and another begins. Astrologically, the Equinox marks the Sun's ingress into Cardinal sign Libra. Cardinal signs are all about action and taking an initiative to make something happen in life. You will feel this energy all month long, but especially after the 22nd. Make the most of this influence and take baby steps forward toward achieving personal goals. If you have wanted to lose a few pounds, for example, rather than committing to 5am boot camp, start by adding 20 extra minutes of activity every day. Or if you want to embark on a creative project, start by dedicating a reasonable number of hours per week. Small strides make a big difference over time.

Professionally, you could become inspired to start something new this month, especially around September 10. Since you could have extra motivation for advancing your career, connect with mentors or people who can offer direction early in the month. Seek advice if you feel lost. You may even consider working with a business coach or consultant to help you find new ways to market yourself. If you have been looking for a new job, think outside the box. There could be new ways of approaching the inquiry.  

The new moon on September 9 highlights your sector of creativity and children, suggesting fertility and new life. This would be an excellent time to treat the little ones in your life to a surprise outing. Get in touch with your own inner child to make the most of this time and play.

Your love life could be in transition right now. After September 9, Venus in your opposite sign, Scorpio, asks you to approach the matter with curiosity rather than insist on definite answers. If you have been uncertain about aspects of your current relationship, try to relax and enjoy the moment. Be open to romance and appreciate the aspects of the relationship you enjoy. If you are single, the new moon on September 9 suggests you could embrace a new beginning. Your passion is extra activated this month, which is favorable for a budding romance.


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