Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Welcome to 2018! I’ll be honest; last year had its challenges for you, Virgo. You had pressure from Neptune, Saturn, and Chiron. At times, you may have questioned yourself, wondering if your dreams were too lofty to manifest into reality. Life offered you a few tests, and you had to blast through your comfort zone to overcome those challenges. Did you succeed? You will find out very soon, and I suspect you’ll receive favorable news early in the month to help confirm you’re on the right track. So, keep pushing forward with faith.

On January 1, a Full Moon activates a powerful Grand Water Trine. For you, this influence touches all of your relationship houses. This is a prime time for networking, partnering, and collaborating with others, professionally and personally. Relationships will become a significant theme for your year, in fact. This is just the beginning. New people are coming into your life like angels, waiting to offer assistance, guidance, and support when you least expect it. This month, practice asking for more, allowing others to help, and saying “thank you” often to adjust to this 2018 vibe.

Your words have power this month; use them wisely. Make time on January 6 to work on any looming writing projects or important emails to send out. Let success be your motivating force. This is also true if you have a proposal or pitch to deliver or meeting to attend. Avoid getting into unnecessary conflicts or debates; focus on the common ground.

The New Moon on January 16 is promising for those of you who have been trying to welcome a baby into the family. Those of you with little ones might be busy this month, especially on January 8-9.

Now, let’s circle back around to relationships. Saturn, the planet of commitment, has just entered Capricorn in your fifth house of romance. Over the next three years, your current relationship could become more serious. Even if you’re happily married with children, you can find ways to strengthen your bond. This month, you can receive a preview of what’s to come. If you desire a deeper connection with your special someone, you might want to communicate how you feel honestly. For those of you who are single, be open to surprises. This month offers hope for making genuine connections. You do not need to play games. It’s time to get real to attract real love.

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