Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Imagine taking a walk during a butterfly migration, like the recent one we had in Southern California. Picture yourself looking up to see hundreds of little orange wings flapping in the wind. Butterflies are symbolic for transformation, a process you have come to understand. As we enter into this season of renewal and rebirth, at times, you could feel like the caterpillar with a long way to go. In other times, you could feel like the butterfly, wholly transformed. You will receive clues about what this means for you with the new moon on April 5.

Financial matters, like taxes, loans, or investments, could preoccupy your mind early in the month, especially from April 10 to the full moon on April 19. Seek professional help or guidance if you feel overwhelmed. Keep in mind: You can be prepared without being worried. Worry will not help you meet your long-term goals; it will just add stress to your day-to-day life. Instead, bring your awareness to the present moment and breathe.

Professionally, you have the momentum to drive your career to a new level, especially after your ruling planet enters Aries on April 16. Use this energy wisely.

Your relationships are also undergoing a metamorphosis. You are keenly aware of your ideal, but anything less could seem unsatisfying at this time. Others might consider you to be picky right now, but really, you're careful, discerning, before entering a new chapter in love. If you are single, give yourself time to evolve before pursuing a new relationship. If you are already committed to a partner, you could desire to merge more fully with that person. You could consider moving in together, sharing a bank account, or discussing marriage. At the least, you are releasing resistance to commitment.

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