Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Leave the past behind, and be in this present moment. Take a deep breath as you read this horoscope, and consider it a mindfulness exercise. I’ve set this intention: As you read these words, may you be filled with peace, and may your mind be calm. This month will be like that deep breath if you set a similar intention for yourself.

After last month, you will likely welcome this sigh of relief. Though you may have more drive with your ruling planet, Mercury, moving forward, try to keep a steady pace with your work and social affairs. Make time for self-care, even if you feel an occasional twinge of guilt when declining invitations. You need to recharge before your birthday when a new solar cycle begins. If you can, take a vacation around the time of the full moon on August 15.

You have a heightened intuition throughout the month, and you may be more in tune with others. Trust your impressions and look for clues in your dreams and waking life.

On August 23, the sun enters your sign, placing you in the spotlight. Venus and Mars will meet up on your sign August 24, making this a day for romantic possibilities. If you are single, you might consider opening your mind and stepping out of your comfort zone. You could unexpectedly meet someone new. If you’re involved in a relationship, you might find this to be a peaceful time for you and your partner. You’ve worked through so much together, and though things may not be perfect, relax and enjoy one another this month. Give your worries and concerns a vacation, and have fun, especially with the new moon in your sign August 30.

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