Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Your mind operates at turbo speed this month. Use this momentum to accomplish more than you could have imagined. You have inventions to patent, stories to tell, and projects to launch. June’s New Moon on the 13th signals a fresh start for your career. It could come in the form of an idea or through a conversation. It may be a subtle stirring from within. Keep a writing journal with you just in case. That wild notion could be something to pursue down the road. By the time the sun enters Cancer on June 21 at the solstice, you could start to see the manifestation of your brilliance.

You may encounter a few challenges with your children this month, as Saturn moves retrograde through that sector of your chart. If you do not have children, then you could encounter setbacks with projects you consider your “babies.” Remain optimistic. Saturn introduces tests and challenges, but it usually offers rewards for your dedication. Some issues could try your patience on June 27. See the growth opportunities. Namely, remember, when it comes to others, you cannot control outcomes. You can only control your attitudes, behaviors, and responses. Releasing control is often a Virgo’s growth edge.

You could encounter sweeping changes in your outlook on life this month. For example, you could meet someone from a different culture whose worldview blows your mind. This is a time to think globally, in your professional endeavors as well as your personal life. If you have ever wanted to live abroad, this could be a favorable time to enact a plan for the future.

Relationships take a more serious turn this month, and you might find yourself dwelling on the past, especially after June 18, when Neptune stations retrograde in your seventh house of partnership. Imagine composting your regrets and disappointments, letting them go completely. Then, throw in your worries about the future. As you let go of those energies, you can have space in your heart to grow seeds of possibility. You can reinvent your love life, and it can be remarkable. If you doubt that’s true, don’t be so jaded! Compost that doubt, too.  

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