Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

An oak tree’s ability to grow depends on the conditions supporting the root system. Underground, the oak’s roots dig deep first, burrowing down into the soil, and then as the tree grows, a separate root system branches out wide to catch water and nutrients. The root system can expand several feet beyond the tree’s canopy. Consider this metaphor throughout the month, and think of how you might support the underpinnings of your personal, spiritual, social, or professional growth. Your early childhood experience either supported or challenged your growth. Your family’s beliefs and guidelines anchored you in a moral/ethical code. As an adult, you get to choose to either live by those constructs or shape your own. If you decide to branch out this month, you may need to seek support from new sources. On November 22, you can choose to reach beyond your inner circle or root into the existing framework of your life. The good news? You cannot make a wrong decision.

On November 8, the planet Jupiter, the plant of faith and philosophy, moves into your sector of home and family. Its influence could help you initiate a real estate deal or make a move. On November 25, the sun moves next to Jupiter, and you could receive a favorable offer or opportunity. Before making any final decisions or signing any contracts, pause to review the fine print. Mercury, your ruling planet, stations retrograde on November 16, and you could miss something important if you rush a decision or transaction. The devil is in the details throughout the month.

Early in the month, the sun’s placement in your third house of communication shines favorably on all matters regarding marketing, writing, teaching, and learning. You could have a burst of inspiration around the time of the new moon on November 7.

After November 15, ask questions to clarify others’ intentions. Sometimes, skepticism can be a message from your intuition that something is off. Pay attention to those internal signals. Meditate and take deep breaths to determine whether those messages are coming from fear or protection. Maybe, they’re both. When you relax your body and rest your mind, you can distinguish the difference.

In matters of the heart, this month’s influences invite you to branch out in new directions. If you are in a relationship, you might already see forthcoming changes on the horizon. You are about to enter a new chapter together. Therefore, think of making small changes in your home or to your everyday routine. They could lead to significant shifts in your overall dynamic. If you are single, exercise your independence. After November 15, with Mars’ influence in your relationship sector, you could have a whole new appreciation for your freedom at this time.   

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