Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

With confidence and belief in yourself, you can achieve more than you imagine possible. Therefore, when doubt and fear arise, activate faith in your potential to overcome all odds. Remain committed to your long-term visions, and affirm your deservedness of good things.

The new moon on October 8 spotlights financial matters, and you could receive news about a business opportunity. Exercise caution in all money-related decisions as Venus moves retrograde from October 5-November 16. Think of this as a time to be your own best controller.

After October 23, you could learn a new skill, take a workshop, or market your skills in new ways. Alternatively, engage your inner teacher and offer to mentor or hold a class. The idea for such a project could come in a burst of inspiration around October 10. Have your writing journal close by to jot thoughts, dreams, or visions. With a razor-sharp mind at the end of the month, take any skill to a whole new level.

During Venus retrograde periods, we make more in-depth observations, exploring all aspects of relationships. Realizations about your early foundation in life could help you gain insights about ways in which your relationship dynamics mirror past patterns. Keep all in perspective, and work with a professional if you want deeper analysis. People from your past could come back into your life. If so, avoid the tendency to overthink conversations. Relish connections for what they are, and stay attuned to the present moment. If you are in a relationship, maintain a curious attitude.  

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