Virgo (August 23 – September 22):

Welcome to Virgo season. It’s your time, and hopefully, you are in celebration mode as you prepare for a new year of life. When the sun returns to the degree it was at the time of your birth, it ushers in a new cycle, called the Solar Return. As you close one solar return year and begin a new one, you might reflect on the past 12 months. What were some of the highlights? Accomplishments? Focus on the positive and celebrate successes. This is a month for movement, and the more you focus on the positive, the more you will experience positive manifestations in your life. Along with this reflection, the new moon in your sign on September 9 invites you to set intentions for your personal life or for the global community. This is an opportunity to let go of fear and embrace possibility, and you might ritualize the experience by journaling your intentions or creating a vision board.

The sun shines in your sign until September 22. If you can visualize the sun as a great big spotlight, you might use the energy to promote yourself, especially if you have been thinking of teaching a course or speaking as an expert in your field. Professionally, focus on goal setting early in the month, and discipline will be your friend while Mercury, the planet of details and organization, is in your sign from September 5 - 21.

After September 22, financial matters could preoccupy your thoughts, making this an excellent time to strategize new ways to generate income. Your priorities are coming into greater focus, and you could see ways to adjust spending to more adequately reflect your core values. If you have been thinking of making a contribution to your favorite cause or supporting a political candidate, take advantage of the momentum at the end of the month. This is also a great time to save extra resources and build more of a nest egg for yourself and your family.

Saturn, the planet of commitment and responsibility, stations direct on September 6, and its movement forward symbolizes big steps ahead in your creative projects. If you have been trying to conceive or adopt a child, you could have favorable news at the beginning of the month. Consider this a fertile period for you, when metaphoric or literal seeds you plant will begin to grow.

Your relationships may have had some ups and downs over the past two months. With planets retrograde and three eclipses, we have all passed through an intense time. This month, you could act on any recent realizations and make internal changes that could lead to circumstantial shifts. If your relationship has been rocky, you might find ways to improve communication this month. If you are single and desire a relationship, the sun in your sign suggests it’s a month for personal magnetism. You might try a new approach to dating.

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